State / Federal Testing Support: MAP, ACT, WIDA, SBAC

Intellatek configures testing servers as well as the virtual TSM’s needed in order to test multiple grade levels at once. Furthermore, we set up the device toolkit on behalf of the campuses, which provide the configuration files to each computer. Additionally, confirming that the latest testing software version has been pushed out to all devices across all campuses. We also work with testing coordinators to prepared them for all the “How To’s” and “What If’s” needed to successfully test. Next, spot checked multiple laptop, desktops, chromebooks to make sure testing is working. Intellatek also provides a tech for the first day of testing just in case to provide additional support for test coordinators.

Application Management which includes: Clever, Canvas, MAP, US Test Prep, STMath

Intellatek syncs student and teacher information along with class rosters from Infinite Campus into their various applications on campus. We furthermore investigate and troubleshoot syncing issues and represent the charter while troubleshooting future issues with ever changing and growing network infrastructures.

Google Administration \ Google Docs

We manage the users (students and teachers) accounts, applications, support, security, groups, along with data migration, and domains. With the user accounts we add and remove users and make sure they are in the proper organizational unit to access all G suite services. With applications we manage all the settings for the G suite apps and services. Within the support we can reach out directly to Google inbehalf of the charter to resolve issues. We also manage accounts within their appropriate groups to quicker management of accounts. Finally, we verify Charter’s domain and add alias if needed.

Microsoft Administration \ Office 365

With Office 365 administration for All Charter’s campuses we handle the global administration for the charter. This includes managing subscriptions, and monitor services health. Also includes sharepointadministration, password administration, skype administration, license administration, User management and security.


Enterprise Video Conferencing

Web\HD Video conferencing as well as Webinar services are available. Intellatek configured backend server and security as well as manage users and meeting scheduler. Managing licenses and SSL Certificates are other configurations that is managed in behalf of charter. Finally, we troubleshoot issues, should any present themselves, on all devices and help participants get access as well if they have issues.

Warranty Care \ Hardware Replacement

When a problem may occur, we work in behalf of the charter schools to reach out directly to various vendor to get problem resolved. Which may include handling warranty management, hardware replacement logistics, component replacement, equipment replacement.

Procurement Management

Negotiate with different vendors for price, quality, and timeliness. Expedite and liaise with vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods. Write and analyze requisition and create PO’s. Track and monitor inventory as well as work with administration each year for technology needs as well as future technology needs and technology refreshment.

Network Administration

Intellatek provides network administration which includes: VPN Tunneling, network provisioning and management, port management, firewall configuration, virus and intrusion detection, DoS attack preparation, fault analysis, performance management. Most of this is provided in the background without day to day knowledge but is critical to overall network performance and reliability. Finally, we manage and configure real time alerts to attack problems before they are even seem on campus to provide reliable network accessibility.

Digital Forensics: GoGuardian, Securly

Intellatek is responsible for creating the various charter organization units. Which may include creating user profiles along with managing and applying whitelist/blacklist filtering. We also train digital coaches and school staff on searching flagged activities as well as dashboard activities.

Wifi Management

Intellatek manages and constantly updates the network controller configuration, Implement and update heat mapping, Intellatek helps students should problems arise with byod support and troubleshooting, multi campus support, content filtering to protect students and staff from threats and inappropriate online material, real time network alerts to help us resolve issues before the school even determines and issue is at hand.

Additional Services

Professional Development Training

Ongoing development with new and emerging technologies, new strategies for educators, workshops on existing technology available from working remotely to interactive devices within the classrooms.

Network Security: Content Filtering

Intellatek works with administration and digital coaches to manage blacklist/whitelist, Manage and review content filtering to ensure that maximum protection can be provided throughout all campuses, periodical external threat checks and internal spot check.


Our robust wireless network infrastructure, using industry leading wireless equipment, provide reliable wireless service throughout our schools. We support thousands of wireless devices at any one time, including laptops, phones, and tablets.

Hardware Deployment Services

Trash Disposal of equipment upon arrival of new equipment to campuses, Unbox/Image/Test/Tag all technology across all campuses, Intellatek also handles cart configuration/setup, In Room Set Up/CableManagement, Intellatek also hangs and tests Interactive Projectors and ensure turnkey usage.

Backups / Disaster Recovery

VHD Backup onsite/Offsite, Physical Server Backups, Data File Backups x2, Disaster Recovery with 24 hours notification.

Lunch Management System Support: PCS \ POS \ ETC

Data import and configuration of students into various systems and integration between with student information systems also be available for training with staff and various lunch systems and their technical teams.

Visitor Management System: Ident-a-kid \ Raptor \ ETC

Hardware configuration, software and driver updates, troubleshooting, network integration, external device support.

Printer / Copier Support

Unbox/configure Printer and Copier, IP Mapping Scheme for Copier, Network Sharing Printer and Copiers, Audit Software Support.

Online Helpdesk and Knowledgebase

24 hour Emergency Service, online knowledgebase, ticket resolution, incident documentation and history, 2 hr initial response time.

Remote Access System for Teachers and Students

Intellatek create remote access for student and teachers to work on system from anywhere at anytime.

Apple Management & Support: JAMF

Create Charter/School domain, License acquisition, Configure/Rollout mobile device management, Setup/Inventory/Manage/Protect.

Direct Certification for FRLs

Worked in behalf of Charter’s Academy with state coordinating students with student information system to make sure they were properly linked to accurately count free and reduced lunches.

Infinite Campus Support & Training

State Reporting Support, Custom Reports, Gradebook Creation\Support, Initial Setup, Parent Portal Support, Report Cards/Transcripts, Helpdesk Support and Phone Support.

New Campus Setup and Deployme

Hardware Delivery/Setup/Installation/Trash Deposal, Staff Training, MDF/IDF Configuration, Wifi Configuration, Camera Configuration, Phone Configuration, Architect meetings/planning.


Work with school on E-rate management and asset management, charter representation with various vendors providing services and communications of network detail verification.

Vendor Relations: CES, Cox Communications, Troxell, CDW-g, Brantley, ETC

Intellatek works with vendors for solutions including phone systems, video surveillance, internet, andpricing for everything needed across all campuses.

State Technology Reporting

We work with Academica in behalf of Charter’s in providing the Department of Education reports indicating rooms used for teaching, devices available, technicians available, as well as bandwidth used across campuses. Furthermore, we calculating the bandwidth per student/device needed and used.

Video Surveillance System

Install and manage video cameras campus wide. Also work with Administration to make sure all dead spots are covered.

Phone Systems

Install and manage phone system campus wide. Work with administration to make sure all aspects of the phone system is functioning how they want it.